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Shouted from balconies, shouted from rooftops

or muffled by pillows, or whispered in sleep.


Every lover in the form of stars

Calling you inside again, calling you home
A writer, a roleplayer, a lover, a child, a friend, an acquaintance, a neighbor, a curious bystander, an adventuress, a creature.

Or, if you'd like, Charley works just fine.

The journal is mostly my life, real, boring, general stuff. There's some fannish type things too, some fic and rambles and squeeing. The occasional meme will come up and there's a bit of RP that usually follows but beyond that, I'm afraid that's all. I'm...sort of a dull little thing, what can I say. However, if you would like to friend me, despite all that, feel free, though I wouldn't mind a comment saying hullo first.

Here is a map with your name as a capital
Your name like a box where I keep my love.
Scrawled illegibly in brown ink on the backs of yellowing photographs
Names called out across the water
Delicate namchasethecloudsawayes like bones in the body

Artemins (Moriartycat)
Bingley (Mastercat)
Detroit (Druittpuppy)
Jiminy (Adlercat)

Here is an arrow to prove a point
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